I'm The New Cancer

I've Never Looked Better

I'm The New Cancer Fanfiction
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The Community

This is miss_novacaine and _riot_girl_05_'s new fanfiction community. I (miss_novacaine) still have through_2_you but the whole login-logout-login thing was getting kinda old so I started this. :/ But anyways, we wrote all of this, unless otherwise noted in the post.

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The Disclaimer

Disclaimer: None of this ever happened (as far as I know). It's fanfiction. It's just for fun. No offense intended. No animals or band members were harmed in the making of these stories... too badly.

The Begging

If you like what you read, please comment. It makes us happy and encourages us to keep writing. Suggestions are always welcome, on my (miss_novacaine) part atleast. I'm pretty much stuck at the moment so if you have any ideas or suggestions let me know.

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The Credit

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